5924 Schwaben Creek Rd., Leck Kill, PA 17836

About Frank’s Electrical Construction

Since 1963 Frank’s Electrical Construction has been checking your shorts and providing top-quality electrical work. Founded by Franklin Specht doing residential and commercial wiring, we have now grown to offer a variety of services to fulfill your residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Excavation, Generator Installation, and Refrigeration services all done to the highest standard, all the time, every time. We don’t believe in sub-par work and being in business for over fifty years is a testament to that. However, over the years we haven’t forgotten our roots. We are still family owned and operated and based in rural Leck Kill, Pennsylvania. Our service technicians are professionally trained and are the local folks you know and trust.

Get It Done Right The First Time

When you’re paying to get work done to your home or business you want it done right the first time. Hiring your second cousin, twice removed on your mom’s side, who picked up a pair of wire snippers once and wired your great aunt’s house that one time sounds like an overload of future headaches. Sure, he did it cheap, but you get what you pay for. Not to mention, getting it done right the first time is often less expensive than getting it fixed.

Attempting to “bootstrap” your plumbing, wiring, and HVAC yourself at your new business location sounds like a great plan…until it’s not and you find out you wasted all that time, energy, and money just to have the professionals come take a look anyway.

Getting your maintenance staff to excavate, wire, plumb, ventilate, heat, cool, and install an industrial generator at your new industrial site looks great on paper. But are they properly trained to handle this type of work? The last thing you need is a production line going down because your make shift electrical system couldn’t handle the amount of flow needed to power your productions. Not to mention there is a huge liability issue when having employees provide services they’re not properly trained in. Good thing we’re properly trained and we can help you negate both of those issues.

Frank’s Electrical Construction. Not only will we check your shorts, but we’ll check them right the first time.